LinkedIn - do you add your job experience?

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Consider this: You meet a consultant at a conference who seems to be a perfect fit for your big project. You look them up on LinkedIn, but their profile has no job history. Most people would feel skeptical if this happened - and they might not hire that consultant. Here's the quick way to give your profile credibilty:

Value of adding experience

  • Credibility - It showcases your career progression, skills, and areas of expertise.
  • Visibility - LinkedIn's algorithm favors profiles with more job history. This means you're more likely to appear in search results.

How to add job experience

  1. Add a position (or edit an existing position)
  2. Fill out the fields:
  3. Job title (see: Do you prefix your job title with the company name?)
  4. Dates
  5. Location
  6. Skills
  7. Media - a video that you like (e.g. a a video of your office)

linkedin media bad
Figure: Bad example - Would you trust this person as a consultant?

linkedin media bad
Figure: Good example - Job experience with skills and media (video) is legitimate!

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