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Is Microsoft Exchange Server an integral part of your organization? If so, SSW Exchange Reporter provides the tools and reports you need to efficiently analyze your organizations email usage. Built in Exchange reports range from who is sending the most emails, to who has the largest mailbox.
As new emails are sent and received, to and from your exchange server, our lightweight windows service seamlessly extracts email messages and folder statistics to your fast SQL Server backend. By taking advantage of SQL Servers Reporting Services, the generated reports can easily be customized and extended while being viewed securely from anywhere. That is why experts say that SSW Exchange Reporter is the most powerful and the only flexible solution to understanding your organizations communications.

Question: How can I test it without having Exchange Server?
Answer: During the installation, if there is no Exchange Server detected, Exchange Reporter will ask if you want to install the sample database provided. The sample database will be installed by our leading database upgrading product SSW SQL Deploy

Key Features & Benefits

Some key features of Exchange Reporter are:
  • Scheduling of data extractions from Exchange Server
  • Caching of Exchange data into a SQL Server database
  • Report on cached exchange data for easy analysis
  • Ability to create your own reports for all your analysis needs
Exchange Reporter also allows to you:
  • Analyze generated reports on your email system in order to answer vital questions such as:
    • How many emails each Exchange user has sent internally, externally or to clients?
    • Who is sending the most emails in your organization?
    • Who is using email the most effectively?
    • What amount of time is being spent on email by our staff?
    • How many emails were sent to a particular client?
    • Screen email subjects and body content for inappropriate content?
    • Are our staff following organization standards? (see our Rules To Better Email for our email standards!)
  • Integrate Exchange data with your database of client contacts
  • Monitor your email system for inappropriate use
  • Save mail items in public folder stores, for easy indexing and querying
  • Receive reports directly to your email inbox in numerous document formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, TIFF, and more
Figure 1: Extraction Service Manager
Figure 2: Sample Report

More screen shots in the User Guide .

Upcoming Features

  • Add Outlook COM Addin
  • Add Notification Web Services in Exchange 2007 (was Event Sinks in Exchange 2003)
  • Calendar items reports
  • OLAP reports

How it Works

SSW Exchange Reporter runs as a Windows Service in the background on your Exchange Server and periodically retrieves data from users' mailboxes and stores it in a SQL Server database for fast and efficient report generation.

Reports are hosted by SQL Reporting Services and can be viewed by any user with a web browser. Reports can also be configured to automatically 'push' themselves to users' mailboxes according to a schedule, ensuring that all the necessary people in your organization are kept up to date with the latest statistics.

Sample Exchange Reports

We have included a number of sample reports that will run with your SSW Exchange Reporter database. These can be seen in the following link: SSW Exchange Reporter (Samples) . This 'Online Reports Demo' includes all reports screen shot.

SSW can assist in the creation and customization of Exchange Reporter reports. To find out about our consulting services at competitive rates and high quality development standards, please don't hesitate to contact us .

System Requirements:

  • .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003 or 2008 (recommended)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 or 2007 (English version recommended, KB- Q1623825 )
        (Note: As Exchange Reporter uses ExOLEDB provider to access Exchange Store, Exchange Reporter must be installed on the machine where the store is located. )
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003 or 2007 (English version only, KB- Q1623825 ) for client computers
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 with Reporting Services (Note: This can be installed on a network machine; SQL Server Service Pack 3a and Reporting Services Service Pack 1 recommended)
  • MDAC 2.8
PS: It is always recommended you can get all green ticks with SSW Diagnostics - the free utility to check you have all software patches

What does the unregistered version give me?

In respect to the unregistered version we know you want to see it working before you buy it. We aim for that.
Note: we also give free version targeted to the little guys
More details see http://www.ssw.com.au/ssw/KB/KB.aspx?KBID=Q658302

SSW provides free phone and email support to answer queries on registered products.

Getting Support:

If you can't find what you are looking for in the product documentation then check our knowledge base for further information and tips about this product.

Please send us bug reports and feedback so that we can evolve our software into a product that matches your requirements. We guarantee a response.


Q : How do I get access to all the mailboxes in Exchange 2003?
A : How to Assign Service Account Access to All Mailboxes in Exchange Server Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 821897 You are going to a site outside of SSW .

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