Every day there are little things that we find annoying with the programs we use. Sometimes we just can't quite do what we want or there may just be room for improvement. We could write books about it, like Annoyances.org, but we thought this would be more constructive.

Here is what we would like Microsoft, Google and others to change with their products.

Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? contact us with what you think.

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    Microsoft General

  3. Microsoft Outlook Express Suggestions [MOVED TO BETTERSOFTWARESUGGESTIONS.COM]
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer Suggestions[MOVED TO BETTERSOFTWARESUGGESTIONS.COM]
  5. Microsoft Windows VISTA Suggestions
  6. Microsoft Windows 7 Suggestions
  7. Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Suggestions
  8. Microsoft Windows Media Player Suggestions
  9. Microsoft Vista Suggestions
  10. Microsoft Live Messenger Suggestions
  11. Microsoft CRM Suggestions
  12. Microsoft Exchange Server Suggestions
  13. Microsoft IIS Suggestions
  14. Microsoft ISA Server Suggestions
  15. Microsoft Terminal Services Suggestions
  16. Microsoft ActiveSync Suggestions
  18. Microsoft AntiSpyware Suggestions
  19. Windows Desktop Search Suggestions
  20. Microsoft Media Center Suggestions
  21. Microsoft Windows Mobile Suggestions
  22. Microsoft Hyper-V RC and SCDPM Beta Suggestions
  23. Microsoft Virtual PC Suggestions
  24. Microsoft Live Meeting Suggestions
  25. Microsoft Report Builder 2.0 Suggestions
  26. Microsoft Website Suggestions
  27. Microsoft Expression Suite Suggestions
  28. Microsoft LiveWriter Suggestions
  29. Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer Suggestions
  30. Microsoft HOHM Suggestions
  31. Microsoft Bing Suggestions
  32. Microsoft MSDN Suggestions
  33. Microsoft .NET Developers

  34. Microsoft SQL Server Suggestions
  35. Microsoft SQL Server OLAP Suggestions
  36. Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Suggestions
  37. Microsoft .NET Framework Suggestions
  38. Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET + AJAX) Suggestions
  39. Microsoft .NET (Windows Forms) Suggestions
  40. Microsoft .NET LINQ Suggestions
  41. Microsoft ASP.NET Suggestions
  42. Microsoft ASP.NET Dynamic Data Suggestions
  43. Microsoft WPF Suggestions
  44. Microsoft Expression Blend Suggestions
  45. Microsoft Silverlight Suggestions
  46. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Suggestions (OLD - Microsoft replaced with TFS)
  47. Microsoft Office Performance Point Suggestions
  48. Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS + WSS) Suggestions
  49. Microsoft Virtual Earth Suggestions
  50. Microsoft Data Analyzer Suggestions
  51. Visual Studio

  52. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (General) Suggestions
  53. Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery Suggestions
  54. Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger Canvas Suggestions
  55. Team Foundation Server

  56. Microsoft TFS (VSTS + TFS) Suggestions
  57. Microsoft TFS 2010 (VSTS + TFS) Suggestions
  58. Microsoft TFS Sidekicks Suggestions
  59. Microsoft TFS 2010 - Visual Studio Team Test (VSTT) Suggestions
  60. Microsoft TFS - Visual Studio Scrum Process Template Suggestions
  61. Microsoft TFS 2010 - Team Web Access (TWA) + the SharePoint Portal Suggestions
  62. TFS Azure – Agile Project Management Suggestions
  63. Microsoft Project Server Suggestions
  64. Microsoft Project (the rich client like Excel) Suggestions
  65. Microsoft Project Server Integration Feature Pack (for TFS) Suggestions
  66. Microsoft Visual Studio - Build and Deploy Suggestions
  67. Other Vendors

  68. Visual Build PRO Suggestions
  69. Better XDA II Suggestions
  70. WISE Suggestions
  71. DotNetNuke Suggestions
  72. NetTiers (Templates for CodeSmith) Suggestions
  73. Asterix Phone Suggestions
  74. Skype Suggestions
  75. MYOB Suggestions
  76. Plaxo Suggestions
  77. Google Analytics Suggestions
  78. Facebook Suggestions
  79. Instyler Suggestions
  80. Telerik Suggestions
    1. Telerik ASP Web Suggestions
    2. Telerik Test Suite Suggestions
    3. Telerik Windows Forms Suggestions
    4. Telerik SharePoint Acceleration Kit Suggestions
  81. SugarSync Suggestions
  82. Team Companion Suggestions
  83. Snagit Suggestions
  84. Foursquare Suggestions
  85. Iphone Suggestions
  86. Camtasia Suggestions
  87. Apple Suggestions
  88. Pluralsight Suggestions
  89. RescueTime Suggestions
  90. WhatsApp Suggestions
  91. Frameworks

  92. Scrum