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The SSW Product range is focused on assisting Microsoft developers to increase the functionality of their existing investment in Microsoft products in a business environment."

Adam Cogan

Adam Cogan
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia

Visual Studio .NET   Visual Studio .NET

Code Auditor *popular*

Automate your Code Reviews with SSW Code Auditor

.NET Toolkit

Develop applications more efficiently while following best practices with SSW .NET Toolkit

Agile Template

SSW for Agile Software Development Template

Web   Web

Link Auditor *popular*

Automate Your Link Validation with SSW Link Auditor

Access Reporter

Get your Access reports on the web with SSW Access Reporter

Web Pager

Have web pages emailed to your inbox on a schedule with SSW Web Pager

Business/Word/Excel   Business/Word/Excel

Email Merge PRO!

Send your newsletter to thousands of subscribers with Email Merge PRO!


Welcome to Time PRO .NET. This is a totally integrated database application designed for corporations who bill on a time or product basis.

Smart Tags for Word

Connect Microsoft Word to your templates and contacts in your database with SSW Smart Tags

Exchange/Outlook   Exchange/Outlook

eXtreme Emails! *popular*

Turn your Inbox into a task-tracking system with SSW eXtreme

Exchange Reporter *popular*

View reports on email usage for your Exchange Server users with SSW Exchange Reporter

LookOut! for Outlook

Manage email more effectively with SSW LookOut! for Outlook

Exchange Team Calendar

View all calendars in your company with SSW Exchange Team Calendar.

Services   Services

Web Hosting

SSW boasts Microsoft IIS, ASP.Net 2, and .Net gurus as their support staff, which is why we think we offer the best supported .NET hosting plans in Australia.


SSW offers a variety of advertising opportunities for you to grow your business, targeting IT and business decision-makers and the developer.

SQL Server   SQL Server

SQL Auditor *popular*

This is ‘FxCop’ for your SQL database - Keep your SQL Server database free from design flaws with SSW SQL Auditor

Upsizing PRO! *popular*

Migrate from Access to SQL Server safely with SSW Upsizing PRO!

SQL Deploy

Have your application automatically deploy schema changes to your backend SQL Server with SSW SQL Deploy

SQL Total Compare

Manage SQL Server Replication simply with SSW SQL Total Compare

SQL Reporting Services Auditor

Verify that your SQL Server Reporting Services reports are working correctly with SSW SQL Reporting Services Auditor.

Access   Access

Access Reporter

Get your Access reports on the web with SSW Access Reporter

Upsizing PRO! *popular*

Migrate from Access to SQL Server safely with SSW Upsizing PRO!

Performance PRO!

Validate your Access application before deployment and eliminate common binding and performance problems in your frontend with SSW Performance PRO!

Data Renovator

Compare and update Access database backends with SSW Data Renovator

Data PRO!

Deploy new versions of your Access backend simply with SSW Data PRO!

Property and Event PRO!

Developed for the Access Developer wanting to do a global replace

Simple Table Documentor

Developed for the Access and VB Developer wanting to document their data .mdb

Web Services   Web Services

Australian Postcode Web Service

The Australian Postcode Web Service provides a quick and centralized method of checking that your suburb name and postcode details are correct.

Windows   Windows


Check your software versions automatically with SSW Diagnostics