What are these rules doing in this page?

The links below are for SSW Rules and standards that aren't checked and approved to be migrated to the current SSW Rules website.


  1. Rules to Better Websites - Online Transactions [TODO: Ben Cull]
  2. Infrastructure and Networks

  3. Rules to Better Windows 2003 [TODO: Kiki]
  4. Rules to Better ISA Server [TODO: Kiki]
  5. Rules to Better Virtual PCs [TODO: Kiki]
  6. Reporting Solutions

  7. Rules to Better MS SQL Reporting Services [TODO: Mehmet]
  8. Rules to Better Reporting Solutions [TODO: Mehmet]
  9. Rules to Better Business Intelligence [TODO: Mehmet]
  10. .NET/SQL/TFS Code & Application Design

  11. Rules to Better Connection Strings [TODO: Matt]
  12. Rules to Better Large .NET projects [TODO: Partho]
  13. Rules to Better Windows Forms [TODO: William]
  14. Rules to Better Windows Forms - ClickOnce [TODO: William]
  15. Rules to Better Version Control with TFS [TODO: Matt]
  16. Rules to Better Setups [TODO: Greg]
  17. Rules to Better DotNetNuke [TODO: Greg]
  18. Rules to Better VB6 Migration to .NET [TODO: William]
  19. Rules to Better Developers [TODO: Matt]
  20. Rules to Better Regular Expressions [TODO: Mark]
  21. Rules to Better Exchange Server [TODO: Calum]
  22. Rules to Better WPF & Silverlight [TODO: Matt]
  23. Rules to Better Command Lines [TODO: Matt]
  24. Access Code & Application Design

  25. Rules to Better Access Applications (front-ends inc. queries) [TODO: Mehmet]
  26. Rules to Upsizing your Access Database to SQL Server [TODO: Mehmet]
  27. Operating Systems

  28. Rules to Better Windows 7 Deployment [TODO: Kiki]
  29. Rules to Better Windows Vista Deployment [TODO: Kiki]
  30. Rules to Better Windows Vista Compatibilities [TODO: Kiki]
  31. Microsoft CRM

  32. Rules to Better Microsoft CRM data synchronization [TODO: Mehmet]
  33. The Best Third Party Tools

  34. Introduction
  35. The Best Tools for .NET (General)
  36. The Best Tools for Web Forms Development
  37. The Best Tools for Web Forms Development (ASP.NET Controls)
  38. The Best Tools for Windows Forms Development
  39. The Best Tools for Windows Forms Development (Controls)
  40. The Best Tools for SQL Server
  41. The Best Tools for Access
  42. The Best Tools for Outlook
  43. The Best Tools for Internet Explorer
  44. The Best Tools for Windows
  45. The Best Tools for Network
  46. The Best Tools for Exchange Server
  47. The Best Tools for Pocket PC
  48. The Best Tools for Laptop
  49. The Best Websites
  50. The Best Tools for Visual Studio
  51. The Best Tools for Team Foundation Server Power Tools
  52. The Best Tools for Windows Mobile
  53. Naming Conventions

  54. SQL Server Object Naming Conventions [TODO: Matt]
  55. SQL Server Index Naming Conventions [TODO: Matt]
  56. SQL Server Relationship Naming Conventions [TODO: Matt]
  57. SQL Server Stored Procedure Naming Conventions [TODO: Matt]
  58. SQL Server Stored Procedure Formatting Standards [TODO: Matt]
  59. .NET Object Naming Conventions [TODO: Matt]
  60. .NET Project Naming [TODO: Matt]